Vertical Bailing Presses

The HSM V-Press series combines the outstanding quality standards of HSM environmental technology with a high level of profitability. Due to both their performance and durability, they are the economic waste management solution par excellence. The HSM V-Press reduces costs of the most underestimated cost centre: waste disposal.

Why V-Press?

With the rapid motion technology developed specifically for the V-press series. the power consumption and drive power are significantly reduced and at the same time the through put rate increases. The cycle time is reduced with this technology by up to 40% compared to conventional drives. Due to special pump technology. the machines are particularly quiet.

Vertical Baler Series

HSM V-Press 60

HSM V-Press 503

HSM V-Press 504

HSM V-Press 605

HSM V-Press 610

HSM V-Press 818

HSM V-Press 820

HSM V-Press 825

HSM V-Press 860

HSM V-Press 860 L

HSM V-Press 1160

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