HSM HL 4812 – 22 kW

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Convenient and powerful

These two baler models have been designed with an operating concept and technical features in mind to make it the optimum machine for food retailers and small central storage facilities. The HL 4010 can be fed continuously and easily via a lifting and tilting device which delivers cardboard from the waste container directly into the press chamber. A hydraulic pre-compactor means that bulky cardboard is dealt with by the machine without difficulty or feeding problems. The HL 4812 can be fed manually or via conveyor. Bale ejection is handled by the machine efficiently and safely with minimum operator effort. All in all a sophisticated solution for small to medium quantities at a great price-performance ratio and high automation level.

Large loading aperture

  • High throughput capacity with large loading aperture

Suitable for bulky material

Pressing plate

Compaction against counterplate by horizontal moving press ram

Long service life

  • Long service life due to the wear-resistant electro-hydraulic drive
  • Smooth, trouble-free operation due to torsion-free press ram guidance with roller bearings

Low overall height

Easy operation by membrane keypad

Easy operation by membrane keypad

Strapping with Quick-Link wire

Pallet locking mechanism

For safe bale removal.

Convenient filling via hydraulic lifting/tilting device or bevelled hopper


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